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22 May 2012

It's a Brand New World!

by Jesse Keating

It has been a few years since I was last heavily interested in how Anaconda did it's things.  Having recently gotten back into it for my new role, it's kinda cool to see how much has changed.

Composing images:
  buildinstall is out, lorax is in
  mkintrd is out, dracut is in

Booting the installer
  Loader is out, dracut is in
  sysvinit/upstart is out, systemd is in

Installer Itself
  Too much really to list here, I'm still trying to get a grip on it, and it's all changing again!

So I've had a fun few weeks getting used to the new way of doing things, stumbling around, mumbling about "In my day!" and waiving my cane.  The reality is that these are all really cool improvements, and it's made working on changes quite a lot easier to manage.  I don't like that feeling that the world has moved on while I wasn't looking, but then again, that's OK, that's what the world should do.  I just get to be that New Guy again for a bit.