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28 January 2013

New blog name, new focus

by Jesse Keating

I've renamed this blog to "Adventures in The Cloud".  My day job is now DevOps for Rackspace's public cloud, and I'll occasionally blog about those adventures.  This is where those blog posts will land.

Right now I'm still learning my way around things and finding places to help out, so not a lot to blog about yet.  My first big task is a cleanup of our cloud, finding VMs that are still running that should be deleted, VMs stuck in a delete action, or VMs that aren't running any more but our DB thinks they are.  There are various other clean up items I'm finding along the way.  The software I'm writing to do this will likely be contributed to OpenStack upstream at some point (soon) as it'll be useful to anybody running an OpenStack based cloud.  Nobody likes wasted resources!

That's all for now, back again when I have something fun to talk about.